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En side i dagbogen "i don't wanna be!!!"
Skrevet af Tai 20. juli 2020 13:33

owsy owsy owsy speedin all around, the naked 27, with the power to expell, to move any mother there gets in my way, listen to the power of my machine on the freeway. listen to me! im the mc homeboy, nowing the rules aint a part of my scoop oy... living life like with out a map, brolee's pretty hot cause he's fucked on crack. G's grand theft auto. you gotta make a mark, and move where you want to, take, that, determination, to steel what you can and run from the nation. hey, HEY WHAT DO YOU SAY? its automated sequence, when im speeding in my getaway, take it to the edges, no where to hide, and call up the boys lets go for a joyride...

Kommentarer fra andre brugere

Joyrides med de gode venner are so fucking good og hvis man ved ens venner skal ha noget drug til turen, så ved man bare det. Altid bedst selv at stay clean, jeg ved du ved det.

Kender du udtrykket ‘ The pen is mightier than the sword’ ? kh meft

Skrevet af Meft, 20. juli 2020 16:52

du har som altid ret min kære meft :)

Skrevet af Tai, 20. juli 2020 20:25